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Our Story

More than Just a Great Pizza

Even tough it looks easy, making (a good ) pizza it's a complex process that requires various things; original recipes, AAA ingredients, adequate equipment, human resources, skills, passion and lots of love for what we doing. 

We pride ourselves of loving our customers. They are our primary objective of all we do around here.

So, take it for granted that you will be the king in our restaurant and satisfying your craving for real and delicious Italian pizza and Italian food is our upmost goal. 

We have worked very hard to reach this point after decades of being in the same place making people happy with our Italian food meals, and we have no plans to slow down, so 'get on the bus' with us and keep enjoying for many decades more the delightful flavor of the REAL Italian pizza and cuisine at Galleria Pizza!

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Tomatoes Mozzarella Salad_edited.png
Spaghetti with Sausage_edited.png
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Personnel - Galleria Pizza
Galleria Pizza
Our Customers
Tradition & Pride
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Serving Greatness Since 1982

Founded on Family Values

Family is the most important value at Galleria Pizza. This is a locally owned family business, and keep those values always at a high level....always. Family comes first. 

A Little Taste of Italy

Queens NY holds a great tradition of pizza making and delicious Italian flavors. We strive hard every day to keep that tradition at home. Galleria Pizza offers you the best of the Italian cuisine and a unique flavor in Pizzas.

Authentic Recipes Reimagined

We adapt ourselves to the times, honoring the original recipes, we get creative when it comes to be updated in 'fashion cuisine' and you are the judge. Come in and emit your decision!

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